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Platform for the Promotion of the Artistic Crafts Association
The PLATFORM FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE ARTISTIC CRAFTS ASSOCIATION, hereinafter APFOA, is open to any private or public initiative promoting the development of the artistic crafts applied to architecture, decoration, and restoration of the architectonic heritage.
APFOA is active in diverse areas. Its goals are divided into following categories:

  • Claims:

    We are aware of the cultural importance of the artistic crafts. We request the Spanish Government to invest at least 1% of the money assigned to the execution of works in buildings owned by the Public Administration in works concerning artistic crafts. This can be achieved by including works promoting decorative arts or designs that employ artistic techniques in those public projects. The final objective is to promote culture and to rely on qualified employees.

    We are asking, in every project of rehabilitation or recovery of historical buildings, for an increased rigour and level of demand concerning knowledge of materials and decoration techniques. Therefore, the cooperation of the professional associations of architects, master builders, decorators as well as that of promoters, is essential to restore the original quality of our cultural heritage.

    We would like the restoration of the inner rooms to have the same importance than that of the façades of the buildings to be restored, preserving the decorative techniques and the original materials as much as possible.

  • Assistance and Consultancy:

    We have created a database where you will be able to identify different artistic and decorative techniques and the styles and chronology they belong to. Also the materials used and the traditional crafts involved in the execution of each decoration and building work can be found in the database.

    Furthermore, we have created a committee of experts in artistic crafts to offer assistance and consultancy services to any project designer, promoter, architect, decorator, heritage preservation expert or company facing doubts about materials and decoration techniques in their projects, and prioritizing rigor in their work.

  • Training:

    Training is vital in the knowledge of artistic crafts and a priority for APFOA.

    We start our training with the crafts of artistic plaster, marble stucco, decorative painting, and cabinet making. These are non-regulated traineeship courses, with an approximate duration of 450 hours each. They are carried out thanks to the support of the Regional Employment Centre of Madrid. Our intention is to expand the offer in a near future and include new areas.

    Specially addressed to senior professionals of any artistic craft, we will start courses to teach restoration and preservation of the Architectonic Heritage, based on exclusive knowledge and criteria on these disciplines.

    Monographs on techniques and more specific areas are also foreseen.

  • Job purse:

    APFOA wants to be a meeting point where people or companies demanding qualified workforce and those professionals who are looking forward to working as artistic craftsmen. APFOA commits to certify its degree of professionalism and will create a register with the different areas of specialization.

  • Innovation and R&D:

    APFOA has among its goals investigating with materials, performing suitability trials for its later application in artistic crafts. Additionally, we would like to develop decorative techniques that can be used in artistic works, innovating in the application of these techniques in order to offer our customers rigorous solutions concerning techniques and materials.

  • Professional Collaboration:

    We would like to cooperate wit guild associations or public institutions with the common goal of fostering the artistic crafts, of knowledge and culture. We believe that there is currently a great gap between what society demands and the possible responses. In a country like Spain, with such a long tradition of crafts, this knowledge is now endangered because of the change of mentality and the lack of foresight from our Administration. Let us build the future without forgetting the past, which forms the foundation of our society.

  • International Cooperation:

    APFOA is aware of the great range of possibilities in many countries of our vicinity and in others of a similar culture to ours, like Latin America. We can act as transmitters of this knowledge and serve as a link to cooperate in areas like education (training) and recovery of the Architectonic and Cultural Heritage. We would like to act as a bridge and exchange experiences and professional collaborations.

This initiative arises from the commitment with something that is part of our lives, i.e. work, and equally with the enthusiasm to improve what we now have and to leave this legacy for the future generations.

This website is open to everyone, individually or as a company or institution, willing to join this initiative.